21 June, Selfridges London Accessories Hall and the store exterior on Duke and Orchard Streets have been transformed into a Garden Centre, a playful and sensory response to a boom in outdoor appreciation, as part of Good Nature, Selfridges’ creative theme for 2021.  

The Garden Centre sells gardening tools, seeds, indoor and outdoor plants and pots, Selfridges own label compost. It also sells a curation of fashion, lifestyle and beauty products, as well as an exclusive collection from Prada, an exclusive Shakedown Garden merch from The Grateful Dead and a bespoke Selfridges merchandise featuring puns such as Herb Your Enthusiasm or Horti-Couture, for gardening and fashion enthusiasts alike.    

The Garden Centre is a social space celebrating the pleasure of growing and green power, and the sense of well-being nature gives. Within the Garden Centre, The Potting Shed is a destination for events and advice, with a resident gardener (plus a virtual “dial-a-gardener” service)  and a program of workshops, experiences and happenings which explore the pleasure and positivity that gardening brings, while promoting practical skills and sustainable methods, across every store (with Green House concepts in Selfridges Manchester and Birmingham) and on Selfridges will also “green up” Oxford Street, with a grow bag installation in front of the store’s historic canopy entrance.  

“A garden centre is evocative but familiar, and has provided rich inspiration for our teams, literally and creatively. We know our customers are more interested in gardening and greening than they have ever been – and so we are playing with the idea by bringing the essentials of a typical garden centre to our stores. We will be retailing plants, compost and garden gnomes alongside special and unexpected Selfridges products with a sense fun and imagination, as we continue to explore pleasure in nature this year.” Explains Selfridges Creative Director, Hannah Emslie 

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Grateful Dead Shakedown Garden

Taking inspiration from the band’s tenth studio album ‘Shakedown Street’ and the recent rise in the popularity of gardening amongst consumers, the playfully named ‘Shakedown Garden’ collection gives the classic Grateful Dead aesthetic of tie-dye, skulls, bears and roses a botanical spin. Drawing upon designs from Grateful Dead’s classic imagery archive, and communicating the importance of sustainability to the band, the 16-piece range features apparel that uses organic blanks and vegan inks for any print work, debuting new artwork and exclusive designs for both dedicated Dead Heads and those after their latest fashion fix.


Potting Shed (London) & Green House (Manchester and Birmingham)  

Headline Events Programme: 25 June – 11 July 

In line with the Garden Centre attraction we will create a host of activities to inspire and engage new and existing gardeners. A dedicated program of events, experiences and happenings across stores and online will celebrate Mother Nature and the pleasure that gardening brings. Key themes include practical skills and advice, wellbeing, sustainable garden methods and access to gardening for all.

A headline program will be hosted within the Oxford Street pop up Potting Shed and expanded to a wider customer base through virtual events. The Birmingham and Manchester stores will host a Garden Centre Green House pop up and the Manchester stores will host supplementary community garden projects. 

Events include: •Dial-a-gardener – Selfridges resident gardener, Angela Maynard, will host virtual 1-2-1 sessions from her garden to yours. Show and tell your indoor or outdoor plant problems, ask for help or advice and pick up some green fingered tips •Garden Guests – Angela Maynard’s friends will visit the potting shed for special workshops and events •Garden for Good – Hear from ecological grower and activist Poppy Okotcha as she discusses how we can make gardening and land more accessible to all •Shed takeover and 1-2-1 workshops – Visit the Potting Shed for nature themed workshops exploring mindful garden designs, creating your own botanical beauty products, growing your own herbs and terrarium workshops


Good Nature 

Good Nature is Selfridges creative theme for 2021. Throughout the year, Selfridges will be inspired by nature; making the world brighter through the creative exploration of pleasure. Good Nature is a celebration of the pleasure in nature, offering visitors physical and digital experiences responding to the natural world. Good Nature initiatives include the Pleasure Series Podcast; The Resellfridges pre-loved Outdoor Edit and opening in June, the Selfridges Garden Centre. Good Nature will present seasonal events and experiences throughout the year and Selfridges’ distinct visual identity – including its world-famous windows – will be an ode to pleasure in nature, changing with the seasons.  

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Selfridges Garden Centre_opening day_Monday 21 June 2021_featuring botanical artist Carly Rogers

Selfridges Garden Centre_opening day_Monday 21 June 2021_featuring botanical artist Carly Rogers_b

Selfridges Garden Centre_opening day_Monday 21 June 2021_featuring botanical artist Carly Rogers_c

Selfridges Garden Centre_opening day_Monday 21 June 2021_featuring featuring resident gardener Angela Maynard

Selfridges Garden Centre_opening day_Monday 21 June 2021_featuring Gary the Selfridges own label gnome

Selfridges Garden Centre_opening day_Monday 21 June 2021_featuring resident gardener Angela Maynard

Selfridges Garden Centre_opening day_Monday 21 June 2021_featuring Selfridges own label compost

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