To mark the exclusive UK launch of the unisex jewellery brand, we meet its founders, Anwar Hadid and Yoni Laham

Seven years ago, model Anwar Hadid and musician Yoni Laham met through family friends in LA. After treading their own individual paths in fashion and music, the pair decided to join forces, launching Martyre in 2018. “We had known each other for a while and always knew we wanted to create together,” says Laham. “Jewellery felt like the right place to start because of its timelessness, and we fell in love with the industry once we started.” As an artist, Laham (known to the music world as BRIDGE) is no stranger to creative collaborations, while Hadid grew up surrounded by the fashion industry as the brother of two of the world’s most famous supermodels, Gigi and Bella. It’s no surprise that, when the pair began exploring creative avenues together, a shared passion for accessories began to take shape.

To celebrate the exclusive UK launch at Selfridges of the pair’s timeless jewellery designs – worn by the likes of Dua Lipa, Zayn Malik and Kaia Gerber – we caught up with the childhood friends turned business partners to discuss genderless jewellery, their love of London and their support for Centrepoint, the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity.

ANWAR HADID, Co-Founder and Creative Director

“I have always loved jewellery and the value that it holds. When I was growing up, many of my peers were trying their hand in the clothing industry, but no one ventured into jewellery. From a young age, I have always pushed myself to journey through new territories,” says Hadid, who loves how jewellery allows people to express their individuality. “I grew up wearing hoodies for their fit and material, not because they were classified as men’s or women’s – unisex jewellery reflects this new way of thinking and letting people decide for themselves without any judgement.”

From sculpted cherubs to the label’s slogan, ‘Pray for Us’, Martyre plays with motifs centred around faith. The brand’s namesake The Martyre necklace is Hadid’s personal favourite. “To me, the clasped hands represent unity and friendship, which I believe are the building blocks for success and collaboration,” he says. Fifty percent of the proceeds from every purchase via Selfridges of the brand’s The Martyre necklace will be donated to the youth homelessness charity Centrepoint. “With everything I create, I always want to tie it back to helping people. We are in a fortunate position to shine light on some amazing foundations and organisations whose sole purpose is to impact the lives of others. Anytime we can bring an awareness to such important causes, we have the responsibility to do so,” says Hadid.

YONI LAHAM (aka BRIDGE), Co-Founder and CEO

“We’re here to make pieces you feel confident in, and as long as you’re enjoying wearing them, we’re happy. Style is style, it doesn’t need to be broken up by gender,” says musician Laham of the pair’s decision to launch a unisex jewellery brand. How has his career as a musician informed his work in the fashion world? “When you make music, you draw inspiration from a pure place, and I think that transcends into the jewellery. The process of making an album and making a product feels similar, in the sense that you throw paint at the canvas and then keep narrowing it down to what you love. You bring a sketch to life, layer by layer, until it’s out in the world, and it’s the same with an album,” says Laham, who flexes his creative muscles by working on both the design and business sides of the brand. “Our slogan, ‘Pray for Us’, is very significant to me – it embraces praying for the people you love, those that need love, and throwing what matters to you most into the universe.”


In support of youth homelessness charity Centrepoint

Fifty per cent of the proceeds from every order of the brand’s namesake The Martyre necklace purchased in-store or online at Selfridges will be donated to the London-based youth homelessness charity Centrepoint. The design features a lettered Martyre pendant at the front and fastens with two clasped hands.

“The clasped hands represent unity and friendship, which I believe are the building blocks for success and collaboration.” 
– Anwar Hadid

“Our signature clasped hands stand out above all else for me. We are stronger together. We are weaker divided.” – Yoni Laham


Throughout the centuries beauty has been inspired by the natural world, with its myriad colours, textures and skin-enhancing ingredients. And now, with our appreciation of nature – and awareness of its fragility – at an all-time high, we’re joining forces with leading photographer Markn and make-up artist Ammy Drammeh (whose work can be found in British VogueDazed and Love magazine) to showcase the most incredible nature-inspired looks, innovative earth-conscious formulas and the skin-enhancing power of nature’s riches. An ode to the beauty of nature, and its never-ending inspirations.


Ancient Egyptians harnessed the earth’s pigments – quite literally – to create the first-ever cosmetics and although the fundamental principles remain, our products are more sophisticated than ever. From innovative hybrid formulas to unprecedented shade ranges, the most exciting brands in beauty are combining the wide range of benefits that nature can bring to our everyday routines in fresh, creative ways. Here, Ammy plays with texture as she layers Bobbi Brown’s Intensive Skin Serum Foundation – a hybrid foundation that provides coverage while also hydrating the skin thanks to nourishing fruit and plant-based oils – alongside a cream-based bronzer and highlight that’s finished with a Blur + Set Powder from Milk Makeup (a 100 per cent vegan and cruelty-free brand leading the way in sustainable beauty with their high-impact products).


No matter the time of year, or specific trends doing the rounds at any given time, our appetite to look our most healthy and radiant is always the goal. Inspired by the life-giving properties of the sun, this look is all about golden skin and warm-toned hues. To achieve a ‘lit from within’ effect, Ammy used Westman Atelier’s Super Loaded Tinted Highlight alongside Nudestix’s Sunkissed cream bronzer with a gilded tint from Byredo’s Colour Stick in La Scene on the eyes. The fiery-red lipstick from Hourglass is their limited-edition Red 0 Confession Lipstick; a patent-pending replacement for the industry’s go-to carmine formula (traditionally made from crushed female insects) making it the first ever vegan red lipstick. Bravo!


When it comes to our skin, there’s no denying the beauty world’s long-standing love affair with hydration. From nourishing formulas packed with hyaluronic acid and glycerine (both of which are naturally produced by our skin) to light-reflecting make-up designed to give a fresh, dewy appearance. For this fresh-faced make-up look, Ammy uses a cream-based highlighter and tinted lip oil alongside Gucci’s Éclat De Beauté Effet Lumière – a pot of colourless gel gloss that delivers a high-impact luminous sheen anywhere it hits.


There is no better reflection of nature’s connection to beauty than through the spectrum of shades that inspire its boldest looks – from flowers to plants, animals to the weather, there is no richer palette to draw from. For this look, Ammy distilled the beauty of spring’s cheery display of blooms through a mix of pastel pigments, using the aptly named Flower Play Colour Stick from Byredo as a base over eyes, lips and cheeks followed by the beautiful shades from the Syren eyeshadow palette. The joy of this look is that there are no rules – simply pick your favourite colour(s), pack on the pigment and blend together for a beautiful watercolour effect.


This London Fashion Week, Bethany Williams will present her gender-neutral capsule coat collection, exclusively for Selfridges.

As with every collection and project Bethany works on, the social and environmental issues go hand in hand.

“This particular project was inspired by our ongoing work with The Magpie Project, a charity that supports women and children under five in temporary, unsuitable or no accommodation. The Women’s Institute community creates a personal blanket for every baby born into the Magpie Family. A blanket is so much more than a piece of fabric, it is a feeling of comfort and shelter and I wanted that feeling to be at the heart of this capsule collection.”Bethany Williams

Drawing on her inspiration, the collection saw Bethany dive into the historical heritage of vintage and antique wool blankets from across the UK. All the blankets are carefully sourced from vintage sellers, whether that’s Antiques Markets or car boot sales. Steeped in history, each blanket sourced tells a story from the textile and weaving techniques to the county, town
or village it was made in. One of her favourite pieces sourced for the collection was found on a pitch-black frosty morning at Sunbury Antiques Market at Kempton Racecourse. With her phone touch as her only source of light, she came across a rare and usually very expensive Welsh, patterned wool blanket with brightly coloured pink and orange patches.

With this collection, the story continues, as each blanket is given a new lease of life through Bethany’s artistic vision and mastering of design-led upcycling techniques, which created this capsule collection. Shapes for the details on each garment come from historical research into childrenswear that she explored with the V&A Museum of Childhood. The complimentary
colour palettes, slightly oversized fit and skilful patchwork techniques all create a unique, bespoke-feel to each garment.

Handcrafted in London, the nine upcycled blanket coats are available in three different jacket styles. Each garment is conceptualised by allocating a specific blanket to each style of jacket based on its weight, thickness and colour. The outer material is the blanket wool for optimal insulation with a 100% organic cotton lining, sourced from Wales.

This collection is part of Selfridges sustainability initiative, Project Earth, committed to putting sustainability in the heart of the business and reinventing the way we shop.

“We are so thrilled to be continuing our partnership with Bethany Williams. Bethany joined the Selfridges menswear edit as part of our Bright New Things programme, and we are so excited to now be launching this collection straight from her LFW presentation. She was a clear choice
to be included as one of our key Project Earth partners due to her innovative approach to sustainable and socially conscious work
Jack Cassidy, Head of Menswear at Selfridges.


Today, Christian Louboutin launches a dedicated capsule collection as part of the Selfridges Project Earth initiative.

Supporting Project Earth’s pillar on waste reduction. Christian Louboutin unveils an exclusive capsule collection crafted from upcycled denim sourced by global charity Caritas International. The six-piece collection inspired by archival pieces will include men’s trainers, women’s pumps, boots and handbags all reimagined in upcycled denim. Each pair of shoes or bag is unique reflecting the past life of the denim- original denim pocket seams and stitching are integrated on each piece.

Notes to Editors:

About Christian Louboutin
Christian Louboutin established his business in the heart of Paris in 1991, first with a collection for Women followed by a Men’s collection a few years later, both recognizable by the signature red lacquered sole. 2014 welcomed the launch of Christian Louboutin Beauté. With a prolific collection of women’s and men’s shoes, handbags and small leather goods, Christian Louboutin now counts 164 boutiques around the world.

SS21 menswear: New age of self-expression

Thanks to these strange times, the old style rules are out and boundaries are blurred. We’ve been wearing tracksuits for the 9–5, bringing out tailoring for virtual celebrations and wearing our usual going-out-to-the-bar outfits for our going-out-to-get-some-milk trips. And yet, it has also given us time to reflect on our tastes and question: what dowe really want to wear when all bets are off? Who are the brands we truly identify with, and why? And with spring just around the corner, how do we want to emerge back into the world?

Freed up from trends and the usual fashion rules, self-discovery is key. With that in mind, Daniel Sannwald’s surreal photographs capture the many sides of your character you can explore this spring and beyond. A distillation of true, individual style.


Many of us have, understandably, lost all momentum when it comes to getting dressed. But perhaps that makes for the perfect opportunity to discover something new and explore a braver side of ourselves. For starters, donning bold colour is an easy win to boost your mood – JW Anderson, Bottega Veneta and Marni have that in spades this season, brightening up any rainy day. Delving deeper, earth-conscious designers such as Bethany Williams, who champions upcycling, and community-orientated brands like Labrum London, whose collections showcase untold stories of West Africa, make for design with a strong message – a (stylish) way to express yourself and your values, without saying a word.


Have you found yourself wearing some, shall we say, unorthodox outfits over the past year? Thought so – but we bet a few have opened doors to clothing combinations you may not previously have considered. A designer who’s forever freeing up room for new ideas, Virgil Abloh said of his latest Off-White collection, “I thought of this muse, sort of half businessman, half youthful teenager – and how they can crash together.” Channel that childhood playfulness and newfound experimental side of yourself. How about a hiking vest with a collared jacket? Wellies with tailored trousers? Clashing prints? Patchwork denim? Why not!


Trench coats. Ties. Adidas’s Tristripe. All mainstays in men’s wardrobes for as long as we can remember. How can we shake things up a bit? Alexander McQueen’s answer is a spliced, reversible version of a belted trench – part of a collection created during lockdown that drew on archive styles and deadstock fabrics for inspiration. Ties – as much neglected as the office water cooler right now – showed up as belts at Versace and in shirt fabrics at Craig Green. Grace Wales Bonner, meanwhile, said of her collaboration with adidas Originals, “I was interested in elevating the familiar, and bringing an eveningwear and tailored sensibility to this essential collection.” Across these designers’ collections, the evolution of traditional menswear ‘uniforms’ grants you free rein – when you find what works for you, go for it.


With the capsule label created by Christopher and Tammy Kane landing at Selfridges – including exclusive pieces you won’t find anywhere else – we dive into the world of More Joy. It’s minimal designs and honest, pleasure-seeking ethos are the breath of fresh air we all need right now.


Whatever their beauty vice, Selfridges has the perfect gift, ready to wow.

Looking for a gift to please the beauty lover in your life? Or in the mood for a little self-gifting, perhaps? (Go on, you deserve it.) When it comes to gifting, we’re of the mind that going down the personal route is always best. Ask yourself: what’s their ‘thing’? How do they like to unwind? Are they a ‘killer red lipstick’ or ‘luxurious bath oil’ kind of person? Whether they’re a serial soaker, a fragrance hoarder or master of a many-stepped morning routine, these are the gifts to truly indulge their guilty pleasures, no matter what their beauty vice.


After a year like no other, we reflect on the changes to our everyday beauty rituals and look ahead to the big ideas, product launches and trends that we’re most excited for in 2021. So buckle up beauty fans, you’re in for a treat!

The Cocoon Factor

There’s no denying our appetite for products that can soothe the body and calm the mind has grown tenfold over the past year. And while ‘wellness’ is a term that often rolls around every January, our newfound appreciation of soothing beauty rituals is pushing this area of beauty into new, seriously pampering territory. Interestingly, we’re seeing age-old rituals experiencing a resurgence, with people embracing tried-and-tested routes to wellbeing for the first time – from acupuncture mats to dry brushing. Looking ahead, we’re perhaps most excited by the developments in the world of supplements as years of medical research are being poured into capsules that promise to heal and protect the skin from inside out (discover some of our favourites here).

And yet the sensorial pleasure we get from applying a luxurious oil or deeply nourishing cream continues to provide the day-to-day comfort we’re looking for, particularly in these cold winter months. Some of our self-care favourites include La Mer’s skin-plumping Genaissance Set, Sisley’s bestselling Black Rose collection (you’ll find the mask in every beauty editor’s bathroom), and Augustinus Bader’s potent products renowned for their ability to deeply hydrate and repair the skin.

“2020 has been the year for self-care and an increased focus on what we are putting on and in our bodies. The beauty of supplements is exactly that – to add to your existing routine. Our customers are really responding to the heightened desire to look after ourselves, from sleep-inducing supplements and CBD to skin, hair and nail boosters, there’s something for everyone.”

– Emily Saunders, Beauty Buyer

The 2021 Face

Although 2020 was the year our everyday make-up routines went out of the window, it encouraged us to take a step back and hit reset. So, what do we want from our products in 2021? Well, if the last year is anything to go by, we’re seeing a desire to go back to basics – we want to look the healthiest, most radiant version of ourselves, even if we’ve spent just five minutes on our routine. Think: fresh, dewy skin thanks to CC creams, tinted moisturisers and glow-giving serums that offer a hint of colour with little effort. Proving basic needn’t be boring, we’re excited by the new crop of sophisticated formulas that deliver bold pigments in effortless textures – look no further than NARS’ Air Matte Lip Colour, which lasts for hours yet feels as light as, well, air. On the subject of ease, we’re particularly fond of the rise in hybrid products that can be used on eyes, lips, cheeks – or anywhere you fancy. From the multi-use sticks in Dior’s new Pure Glow collection to Nudestix’s bestselling all-over face colour – they’re everywhere. 

All-clusive Beauty

It goes without saying: everyone should be able to enjoy beauty. And as integral as a fully inclusive shade range is, the conversation around race and representation now goes beyond just offering additional shades to a foundation line. Instead, we’re looking to the Black-founded brands that are questioning the status quo and moving things forward – from the inspiring Cashmere Nicole of Beauty Bakerie to the powerhouse that is Pat McGrath, plus the women behind Dizziak and Bouclème who saw a gap in the market for luxurious and effective haircare for all hair types, including afro hair. Nigerian-born Sharon Chuter founded UOMA on the principle of empowering women to celebrate their differences. “Everything should not be one size fits all,” explains Sharon, “this is why we created a foundation with unique formulas for different skin types. Inclusivity starts at home. As an industry, we need to learn to embrace our differences, uniqueness, heritage and identity.”

“I hope to play a small part in making the world a better place – a place where women who look like me understand that they are truly beautiful and have the courage to explore that from outside in. Every person deserves to have that feeling of being enough, being worthy, being beautiful.”

– Sharon Chuter, Founder, CEO & Creative Director of UOMA


Fragrance has a unique way of transporting you to a happy memory or even making you feel (for a split second) like you’re in sunnier climates. It’s this power of escapism that brands are focusing on more than ever, with complex, evocative scents that are rich in storytelling. Gone are the days of spritzing a simple feminine floral bouquet; modern fragrances are all about the experience. ‘How does that fragrance make you feel?’ ‘Who do you want to be today?’ are just some of the questions you may ask yourself before choosing your next bottle. A discovery set is a great way to test-drive a few – Byredo’s La Sélection Nomade includes three travel-size versions of its bestsellers for an introduction to the chic Scandi brand. And when it comes to storytelling through scent, does anyone do it better than Maison Margiela? Hmm, probably not. Its Replica fragrances are designed to evoke personal memories and locations – from favourites Beach Walk and Lazy Sunday Morning to By The Fireplace (which makes the perfect cosy winter candle). Finally, for those with some serious wanderlust (we hear you), transport yourself to the balmy evenings of Miami or Italy thanks to the citrussy musks of Loewe’s Agua Miami or Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino.

Conscious Beauty

As we look ahead to 2021, sustainability is, and will always be, an integral thread that runs through the pleasure we find in beauty. We love championing brands that are doing their bit for people and the planet, and this year we’ll be welcoming even more Project Earth products to our ever-growing roster. Today, earth-conscious brands are proving that their formulas are just as luxurious and indulgent as their counterparts – from Tata Harper and Sunday Riley’s high-grade cruelty-free skincare to the totally vegan Biossance, which are all housed in recyclable packaging. Also reducing their footprint are Hermès with its gorgeous refillable lipsticks and fragrance brand Floral Street, whose vegan candles are all responsibly sourced and recyclable. And finally, we’re excited to tease the launch of Westman Atelier (launching later this month), the range of carefully crafted products marry skin-loving (palm-oil free!) ingredients with fast, easy make-up solutions from world-renowned make-up artist Gucci Westman.

“Modern and exciting beauty brands place as much importance on a product’s impact on the environment as on our skin, hair and wellbeing. More than ever, it’s what consumers expect.”

– Sali Hughes, Journalist and Beauty Editor


Prada, in collaboration with Selfridges, presents the new ‘Prada Holiday’ pop-up store, a magical space dedicated to exclusive gifts for men and women during the Holiday period.

The installation concept is characterized by a modern reinterpretation of the typical festive motifs. Large multi-level silhouettes create three-dimensional compositions on which the products are displayed. White and red, evocative colours of the festivity, are the protagonists of the space and decorate both the columns and the iconic chequered floor. The triangular Prada logo also stands out in white and red.


See a selection of our top Grooming gifts at Selfridges this week, perfect for Christmas gifting or even just treating yourself.