13 July 2023. Selfridges introduces Selfridges Unlocked, its open to all community which unlocks the best product launches, events, news and free shipping for everyone. ​

​Selfridges Unlocked gives full access with special invites to experience Selfridges events, services and product launches first. It also helps customers to give back, with a charity donation every time they shop. Every month, Keyholders will have the chance to win big, with a prize of a day of extraordinary Selfridges experiences. ​

​Selfridges Unlocked is inspired by pioneering founder Harry Gordon Selfridge, who in 1909 on the store’s opening day, offered keys to the first customers with the wish that they would feel “at home” in Selfridges.  Selfridge famously said ‘Everyone is welcome’, and everyone can be a Selfridges Keyholder. Unlocked gives all customers the key to the best of Selfridges, as well as surprising, inclusive perks.​

​Keyholders can use their Selfridges Key (customers “opt-in” to receive their Key, an easy to use QR code which can be added seamlessly to the Wallet App) to unlock and enjoy Selfridges across its physical and digital touchpoints. ​

​Selfridges Unlocked has been carefully curated to help customers live brighter, and makes purchases go further, making a meaningful difference to the local community in partnership with Centrepoint. 

Customers can sign up now for full access to Selfridges summer line-up which includes global exclusive product launches, masterclasses with the biggest names in beauty, Selfridges first swap shop, a kid’s holiday camp, early access to book 2023’s biggest new film releases, first look at Selfridges London Corner Shop residencies, supper clubs and special curated experiences in partnership with the Manchester International Festival. ​

​Find out more and sign up to Selfridges Unlocked at ​ ​

Notes to Editors 

Selfridges Keyholders will have access to the best of Selfridges, which includes;​


Keyholders will get a first look at launches, collaborations, events and experiences, and free UK shipping on orders over £150.​


Each time Keyholders shop using their Selfridges Key, they will be entered in a prize draw to win a whole day of extraordinary experiences at Selfridges, with a prize awarded every month.​


Whenever Keyholders shop using their Selfridges Key, Selfridges will donate to its charity partner Centrepoint on their behalf.​

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