Throughout the centuries beauty has been inspired by the natural world, with its myriad colours, textures and skin-enhancing ingredients. And now, with our appreciation of nature – and awareness of its fragility – at an all-time high, we’re joining forces with leading photographer Markn and make-up artist Ammy Drammeh (whose work can be found in British VogueDazed and Love magazine) to showcase the most incredible nature-inspired looks, innovative earth-conscious formulas and the skin-enhancing power of nature’s riches. An ode to the beauty of nature, and its never-ending inspirations.


Ancient Egyptians harnessed the earth’s pigments – quite literally – to create the first-ever cosmetics and although the fundamental principles remain, our products are more sophisticated than ever. From innovative hybrid formulas to unprecedented shade ranges, the most exciting brands in beauty are combining the wide range of benefits that nature can bring to our everyday routines in fresh, creative ways. Here, Ammy plays with texture as she layers Bobbi Brown’s Intensive Skin Serum Foundation – a hybrid foundation that provides coverage while also hydrating the skin thanks to nourishing fruit and plant-based oils – alongside a cream-based bronzer and highlight that’s finished with a Blur + Set Powder from Milk Makeup (a 100 per cent vegan and cruelty-free brand leading the way in sustainable beauty with their high-impact products).


No matter the time of year, or specific trends doing the rounds at any given time, our appetite to look our most healthy and radiant is always the goal. Inspired by the life-giving properties of the sun, this look is all about golden skin and warm-toned hues. To achieve a ‘lit from within’ effect, Ammy used Westman Atelier’s Super Loaded Tinted Highlight alongside Nudestix’s Sunkissed cream bronzer with a gilded tint from Byredo’s Colour Stick in La Scene on the eyes. The fiery-red lipstick from Hourglass is their limited-edition Red 0 Confession Lipstick; a patent-pending replacement for the industry’s go-to carmine formula (traditionally made from crushed female insects) making it the first ever vegan red lipstick. Bravo!


When it comes to our skin, there’s no denying the beauty world’s long-standing love affair with hydration. From nourishing formulas packed with hyaluronic acid and glycerine (both of which are naturally produced by our skin) to light-reflecting make-up designed to give a fresh, dewy appearance. For this fresh-faced make-up look, Ammy uses a cream-based highlighter and tinted lip oil alongside Gucci’s Éclat De Beauté Effet Lumière – a pot of colourless gel gloss that delivers a high-impact luminous sheen anywhere it hits.


There is no better reflection of nature’s connection to beauty than through the spectrum of shades that inspire its boldest looks – from flowers to plants, animals to the weather, there is no richer palette to draw from. For this look, Ammy distilled the beauty of spring’s cheery display of blooms through a mix of pastel pigments, using the aptly named Flower Play Colour Stick from Byredo as a base over eyes, lips and cheeks followed by the beautiful shades from the Syren eyeshadow palette. The joy of this look is that there are no rules – simply pick your favourite colour(s), pack on the pigment and blend together for a beautiful watercolour effect.

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