This year’s Summer Solstice sees the revolutionary brand MARICI launch exclusively into Selfridges as part of their ‘Project Earth’ luxury designer edit on the 8th of July. Inspired by the ideas of re-birth and evolution, paving the way forward with their trailblazing ethics and timeless aesthetics.

MARICI is a London-based luxury accessories brand formed as a Collective in 2020 in direct response to the continued environmental impact of both the synthetic and traditional leather industries. The formation of the brand by a group of like-minded individuals is at the core of their ethos, to create a bold and beautiful brand that can be both environmentally conscious and visually stunning. The brand’s philosophy is focusing on circular design economy and regenerated mindset. Offering consumers a truly considered and mindful alternative, created using natural materials that already exist in abundance on Earth. All of this is done with the aim of creating staple pieces that will stand the test of time and be utilised as heirlooms from one generation to the next.

“We hope to create an elevated luxury product that offers low environmental impact and high social responsibility. To offer a kinder alternative to Mother Earth whilst not compromising on aesthetics and quality”The Collective

MARICI is the world’s first plant-based luxury accessories brand and the only brand within the Selfridges luxury edit using Pinatex – an alternative to leather that does not rely on plastics and fossil fuels for its production. The plant-based material is derived directly from the off-cuts of the existing pineapple industry, bought directly from farmers themselves. These materials are then upcycled into luxury material with a distinct finishing handcrafted by a team of master artisans based in Venice into the bags that have made MARICI the brand that it is.

Slow fashion is at the heart of MARICI’s creation process, meaning that each handbag is handmade in limited collections and numbered. By combining luxury craftsmanship, mindful materials, and a clear message, MARICI is creating an enticing and exclusive brand that champions the conscious consumer.

“The direct translation of MARICI is Ray of Light. As a brand we celebrate people who act as a Ray of Light to others in this world. The MARICI woman is powerful because she believes in change and in humanity.”  – The Collective


Fascinated by the innovative technology upon which the materials were made and charmed by its unique retro modern aesthetics, MARICI was born on Earth Day in 2020 after 3 years in the making. A distinctive collection created from up-cycled plant fibres, MARICI was also dreamt through the desire of positive change.

To offer a pioneering plant-based alternative to the leather industry and highly environmentally damaging synthetic options – Pinatex. To have a regenerative mindset and adhere to the circular design economy. To be the best choice of product in our field, whilst not compromising on the environment, crafts or design aesthetics. With the preservation of artisanal craft, Mother Earth and positive evolution as our long time priority, we look to ways in which we can merge tradition, slow fashion and innovation.

The Collective
MARICI is the brainchild of a few like-minded individuals, united through a love for beautiful things and a desire for impactful fashion and positive change. To be mindful and create positive impressions through the world in which we live and transform the way we create things. The Collective believe in pioneering the alternative through combining innovative technology and luxury fashion. To evolve and protect Mother Nature and to challenge the status quo.


Thought-provoking, unconventional and fearlessly creative, Selfridges has always sought to do things a little differently. More than a shop, Selfridges is a social centre with sustainability at its heart, powered by imagination, curiosity and creativity. The only store to be named the Best Department Store in the World four times, Selfridges offers a shopping experience that promises to surprise, amaze and amuse its customers by delivering extraordinary experiences. The launch of Project Earth in 2020 marked a new chapter in Selfridges’ history – the start of a challenging yet vital journey to change the way we shop. The initiative builds on the industry-leading steps Selfridges has taken over the last 10 years to place sustainability at the heart of the business. Underpinning Project Earth is a commitment to Science Based Targets and to achieve Net-zero carbon by 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement. Selfridges is committed to transforming the way we shop physically and digitally. From its in-house Cinema, restaurants and bars, skate bowl and extraordinary events calendar, to celebrating new and upcoming artists and designers, Selfridges has always been more than the sum of its products.


In 2020, Selfridges launched a transformational new sustainability initiative, Project Earth – its commitment to change the way we shop by 2025. 

The initiative builds on the industry leading steps Selfridges has taken over the last 10 years to place sustainability at the heart of the business. Selfridges aims to help customers change the way they shop in three ways: by addressing the materials used in products, launching and exploring new retail models such as repair and resell, and engaging with teams, partners and customers to inspire a shift in mindsets. Working closely with over 300 brand partners and with support from the Woodland Trust and WWF, Project Earth will kickstart with eight weeks of experiments, innovations and conversations, across all stores and online, dedicated to reinventing retail. 

Selfridges is the first luxury department store to set tough material requirements as part of their commitment to a science-based Scope 3 carbon reduction target in goods and services.

 Through Project Earth, Selfridges commits to:

Materials – Ensure the most environmentally impactful materials used throughout the business come from certified, sustainable sources by 2025

Models – Pioneer new retail models and experiences, making Selfridges synonymous with circularity, including repair, resell, refill and rental

Mindsets – Put longevity, creativity and sustainability at the heart of the business, and engage with teams, partners and customers to effect change 3 

Underpinning Project Earth is a broader commitment to Science Based Targets and to achieve Net-zero carbon by 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement. 


Founded by American entrepreneur Harry Gordon Selfridge in 1909, Selfridges is widely regarded as the first and best example of a modern department store. With his revolutionary understanding of publicity and the theatre of retail, Selfridges flourished under the direction of its charismatic Chief. Harry Gordon Selfridge’s spirit of innovation and creativity lives on through its owners today. Since 2003, W. Galen Weston and family have owned and operated the business, with four stores in London, Birmingham and Manchester and an international website delivering to over 130 countries.

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