Selfridges’ creative theme for 2022 is SUPERFUTURES, an exploration of tomorrow in the making and an invitation to co-create the future with us.

SUPERFUTURES begins with SUPERSELF, launching this February. With inner well-being as its starting point, the project will offer an unexpected journey of self-discovery for visitors to both physical and digital stores, from a mindset of personal innovation, self-care, positivity and counter-cliché ways to feel good; as Selfridges’ coins the term “feel-goodness”. 

SUPERSELF activations include Retail Therapy, an IRL and digital coaching experience developed in partnership with Sharmadean Reid’s The Stack World launching in March. ‘A Safe Trip’ sensory pods by Sensiks in each of our physical stores offer a unique solution designed to make people feel good, via a new form of digital self-care and integrated multi-sensory experience. 

Our careful product curation will promote a future-ready mindset, from lifestyle and beauty solutions, throughout 2022 and beyond (because feelgood-ness is not just for January).

Selfridges iconic Oxford Street windows will invite passers-by to: “try a new kind of retail therapy”, “pick up some good vibrations” or “have a safe trip” via QR codes. French artist Juliette Minchin will take residence in the London window at the corner of Orchard Street, creating a ‘work in progress’ installation over 4 days in February.  

“We are excited for customers to experience SUPERSELF, the first part of our creative theme for 2022, SUPERFUTURES.  It is all about exploring ways to help our customers ‘live brighter’ – from feeling good to living more sustainably.  We’re reconsidering retail therapy, connecting our customers with self-development therapy and coaching sessions – from sex therapy to confidence coaching to gut health and nutrition, in partnership with The Stack World.  We’re experimenting with mood-boosting pods, in the form of ‘techno-delic’ head-trips with Sensiks.  And we’re bringing to the fore the myriad ways Selfridges can help you become your SUPERSELF – through fitness, sustainability, beauty, food, creativity and more.” Emma Kidd, Selfridges acting Creative Director. 


Selfridges have collated an exciting roster of exclusive events which focus on bringing a sense of feelgood-ness to every day.

From Monday 31 January – Sunday 6 February our Good Vibration DJs will fill our Oxford Street store with feel good sounds in Beauty on G from 4pm – 8pm weekdays and 12pm – 6pm on weekends. Finally, in March we will be launching a Run Club across all our stores.  Look forward to an upbeat warm up, pre-determined running path, and relaxing cool down at the end.  

Retail Therapy in partnership with the Stack World

A NEW KIND OF RETAIL THERAPY from breath work to confidence coaching and sex therapy, book an enlightening session with an expert practitioner, selected in collaboration with The Stack World community. Get ready to discover tips and tools to help you on your journey in becoming your SUPERSELF. From 60-minute Self-Power Sessions with Anna Woods to Confidence Coaching with Tiwalola Ogunlesi 45-minute session and Sex Life Re-boot sessions with Dr Karen Gurney.  

Live link to book: 

A Good Trip by Sensiks

Sensiks multi-sensory reality pods are equipped with voice activated systems that stimulate the senses to optimise mental wellbeing. Step into the pod for senses to be awakened through temperature, airflow, sound, light and smell combined with VR, creating a hyper realistic simulated reality that activates the brain into ‘participation mode’. The experience can improve mood, reduce stress and in turn benefit physical health – so much so that the system is being used within psychotherapy to relive traumas and alter the connected emotions.


Beauty is more than skin deep, with 15 new ingestible and vitamin brands launching for Super Self, from full omega-3 daily capsules by Bare Biology, to a range of vitamins from JS Health, founded by Nutritionist & Wellness Expert Jessica Sepel, targeting specific concerns from your immune & digestive system to hair and skin. Meanwhile several treatments will be available throughout Super Self that aim to introduce the art of ritual and relaxation to customers, bringing pleasure and purpose to your day with the help of our in-store salons Hersheson’s and Daniel Galvin. The Light Salon will be encouraging us to look to the light with their innovative light therapy that specialises in treating skin conditions and insomnia, as well as resetting our circadian rhythms. 

Building on the growing relationship between fragrance and wellness, fragrance brand Vyrao, which launched with Selfridges in 2020, exclusively launches a collection of incense sticks. Inspired by founder Yasmin Sewell’s training in Reiki and energetic medicine, all three scents use plant and flower remedies believed to have emotional benefits and are inspired by three of the five original fragrances.

Join Selfridges on a feel-good journey of discovery with the future-facing SUPERSELF podcast series, looking at how we move and nourish ourselves, and find our purpose and connect with something bigger. Host Natty Kasambala meets with the best innovators, practitioners and creators to inspire listeners to think about the kind of SUPERFUTURE they can play a part in creating themselves.

In our first installment, wellbeing practitioner and founder of self-awareness and community care platform YSM8 Poonam Dhuffer talks about the importance of movement for our mental health and how she moves to boost her mood.

This SUPERSELF playlist has been created by international DJ and broadcaster Goldierocks (aka Sam Hall), who will be playing in Selfridges London from 31 January – 6 February. She describes it as “a joyous, eclectic mix to fill your cup, put a grin on your face and make your soul feel good! Starting with empowering power-pop anthems to singalong to and dirty electro remixes to run to, it then eases you into some Balearic basslines and psychedelic-cosmic tunes to get wavy, before closing with a soul-soothing 10 minutes of binaural beats, Tibetan singing bowls and chakra cleansing music to centre, calm and revive the nervous system.”

As well as DJing around the world, festival favourite Goldierocks is also the founder of IO Project, which makes sound meditation practices accessible to all. Join her, and other SUPERSELF DJs, in Beauty on G in Selfridges London from 31 January – 6 February, 4pm – 8pm on weekdays and 12pm – 6pm at weekends.

Finally, and Selfridges social channels will play host to exclusive content from AR and 3D animation studio YONK.

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Jason Alden Commercial Photographer London

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