FRAME, the American fashion brand committed to sustainable and responsible production, takes its next step with the introduction of PURE, a ten-piece collection featuring washes that use virtually no water in their production, marking the latest innovation in sustainability.

Together with SAITEX USA, one of the cleanest denim manufacturers in the world, FRAME achieves denim production in new and exciting ways. The facility significantly reduces carbon footprint, a function of its central location in Los Angeles, while boasting state-of-the-art technology supporting water, waste, and energy processes that reduce overall impact on the environment. PURE employs no water in wash production, using only eco-friendly, liquid-based finishing agents and sophisticated lasers. Traditional denim wastes as many as 80 liters per garment. In contrast, PURE’s unique closed system uses 1.25 liters, of which 98% is recycled and 2% evaporated and repurposed.

Crafted with minimal impact, the collection features styles created with 100% cotton fabric that is biodegradable as well as recycled paper hang tags accompanied by QR codes, with information on the collection’s impact, in a move to ultimately eliminate the need for excessive, disposable tags.

Each garment is responsibly washed following FRAME’s “Four Pillars of Responsible Washing”: no bleach, no potassium permanganate, no stone-washing, while using cutting edge machinery to eliminate traditional production techniques.

“We are proud to introduce a collection as inventive as PURE,” says Erik Torstensson, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at FRAME. “Conserving water, and as result saving energy, is yet another step on this path we are taking to not only produce sustainably and responsibly but also continuously strive to be better global citizens.”

PURE is the newest in a line of launches exemplary of FRAME’s commitment to clever design, research, and sustainable practices, including the (Bio) Degradable Jean and circular denim collection created as part of and in line with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Jean Redesign project, ensuring denim is not only more durable and recyclable but also made employing sustainable and fair methods for the environment and garment workers.

FRAME Spring 2022 denim will be 5% PURE and 9% degradable with 53% of styles sustainable in fabric and wash.

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