Selfridges SS23
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Welcome to 2023, where the celebrations are continuing. As we enter the new year, our focus will continue to prioritise making the everyday extraordinary, manifesting for the next 365 as Selfridges Celebrates. This is our take on how to shop, plan and jubilate in those moments in life that call and demand for joyful celebrations, but it’s also our effort to ensure that life’s little wins feel special and exciting. It’s a response to present times and represents a point of view on how we want to see the next 12 months play out. If we can make it more inspiring for our customers, then we’re going to make that happen.

New Season Starter for 10

Meet an edit of our SS23 highlights bringing a sense of the new in at Selfridges.

Reselfridges & Project Earth

“Following a period of experimentation and exploration, we are excited to move into a new phase of embedding and accelerating. This is particularly evident in the rapid evolution of Reselfridges, our flagship circular initiative which brings together resale, rental, repair, refill and recycle. We are so confident in the opportunity Reselfridges presents that we have made a bold commitment to 45% of our transactions coming from these circular products and services by 2030. The scale of our ambition cannot be underestimated. Our commitment to imagine and create a sustainable future for our customers and teams is real.”

— Andrew Keith, Managing Director.

Reselfridges and Project Earth