On 27th July, Selfridges welcomes Members of the Rage by artistic Director, Kid Cudi. The brand’s first retail pop-up will take a 6-week residency in the London Designer Street Room. Customers can explore and shop the debut collection in a space inspired by Cudi’s own LA dressing room. The collection is also available at Selfridges Manchester and Birmingham stores and on

Ever since my first time in London, Selfridges has been one of my main destinations in town to shop. I remember coming into Selfridges several years ago and seeing Virgil’s Off White, around the time it was getting started thinking how cool it would be to have my own brand in Selfridges one day. This is truly an honor and dream come true and I hope l the presence of Members of the Rage brings a level of freshness that has never been seen in the store before,” says Mescudi. 

Designed by Scott Ramon Mescudi, also known as Kid Cudi, Members Of The Rage is a Ready-To-Wear collection for outsiders everywhere, designed in Los Angeles and Made In Italy. 

“Members of the Rage started off as this idea for a movie that I want to write, and I’m probably still going to write it at some point. It’s about a band of survivors that get together to stop an alien invasion. The survivors are like rebels – they’re all outcasts from society,” says Mescudi.  

The Selfridges retail space is designed by Alaska Alaska in collaboration with PlayLab, from an original concept by Scott Mescudi. A psychedelic landscape of astroturf and checkerboard pink walls is an irreverent homage to the designer’s dressing room – a personal playground for fashion that affirms the joy of dressing-up, from morning to night. 

“We are thrilled that Scott chose Selfridges as the retail launch partner for Members of the Rage, a brand that captures the spirit of the outsider, intersecting fashion, music and sub culture. The ethos of self expression and dress up makes for a distinct addition to our offer.” says Bosse Myhr, Selfridges Director of Menswear & Womenswear. 


The debut collection for Fall Winter 2023-24 is an exercise in character-building through freedom of expression. “It’s a fusion of 90s grunge, hip-hop, and a futuristic style. I’m inspired by the misfits – individuals that go against the grain. It’s my DNA – it’s very personal, and the pieces reflect me in every way from how I dress everyday to my hair colors or the nail polish I wear,” says Mescudi. 

Embracing a vibrant color card of vermillion and cobalt, candy pink, sky blue, black, sand and safety orange, the collection is an unprecedented exploration of decades and destinations – from the casual to the theatrical. Classics like biker pants, perfectos and varsity jackets emblazoned with custom Boy Scout-inspired MOTR patches, and carpenter pants or puffer gilts awash with digital print waves and forest landscapes. Tailoring and denim are canvases for dégradé crystals or astronaut quilted sleeves and collars, whilst theatrical expressions appear in bursts of tulle and sequined skirts with print satin pleats.

In homage to Kurt Cobain, an identical replica of a destroyed stripe sweater appears alongside a floral tea dress, establishing key motifs that return throughout the collection in knit and jersey and overprinted rib cotton tops. Created in collaboration with the Japanese designer Nigo, the Members Of The Rage logo is an unapologetic ode to ‘gamer’ culture, featuring a stylized UFO beaming extra-terrestrial waves down to Earth. The storytelling unfolds from head to toe, from Davy Crockett trapper caps in raver faux furs to freaked-out, souped-up slipper kicks with ripstop nylon paneling and fleece or elastic lacing.

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