August 8 2023. New sustainable luggage brand launches, with a new destination at Selfridges Oxford Street. 

Harper Collective, a visionary lifestyle luggage brand, celebrates its official launch at Selfridges, marking a new era of sustainable travel and its commitment to environmental responsibility.

The company has dedicated five years to perfecting its production process, working with local artisans in a workshop just 184 miles from London, utilizing a ground-breaking blend of 70% recycled ocean and consumer plastic, handcrafting the waste into high quality luggage.

Harper Collective leads the charge towards a greener, more responsible travel industry. Founders Jaden Smith and Sebastian Manes have set out to realize their dream of creating a luxury product crafted from plastic waste from the sea and consumer goods. They firmly believe that sustainability is the driving force behind the future of global production and aspire to lead the way in this transformative category.

Acknowledging the need for constant improvement, their goal is to continuously refine their products for the betterment of both people and the planet. “Our vision was to offer a luxury product made from sustainable materials, and it fills us with excitement to witness this vision come to life,” said Jaden Smith, co-founder of Harper Collective. “We hope to inspire other companies to follow suit and adopt sustainable practices throughout their supply chains, as we are proud to maintain complete transparency in our own”.

Sebastian Manes, co-founder of Harper Collective, added, “We firmly believe that it is entirely possible to create high-quality products that are also environmentally friendly. It’s an ongoing journey, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to continuously refine our production methods to minimize our environmental impact”.

Harper Collective’s luggage exemplifies durability and functionality and embodies an essence of luxury and sophistication in its design. The brand’s focus on sustainability and style is a testament to its belief that beautiful products can be eco-friendly. 

“We are dedicated to the idea that sustainability and style can harmoniously coexist,” emphasized Smith. “Our partnership with Barbour is a step towards achieving that shared goal. We are proving that luxury can be environmentally conscious by incorporating the most beautiful recycled quilted nylon lining in our products.“

Harper Collective will have a location within Selfridges London. The space is designed in collaboration with East London-based set designer Paulina Piiponen. Piiponen has used her skills in creating art objects, installations and spatial designs using ghost fishing nets from the UK coast and recycled aluminium. 

The collection will launch 12 options in 2 colours and four different sizes – Price points ranging from £595 to £795 at Selfridges Oxford Street and Selfridges.com

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