Thursday 14th September: Kiosk, a unique Jil Sander café concept is popping up under Selfridges Duke Street canopy from 11th September until 1st October. For 4 weeks, customers can shop a curated edit of magazines, Jil Sander’s publication, A Magazine Curated By Lucie and Luke Meier and enjoy a menu of hot and cold drinks.

The one-of-a-kind destination will house and sell an array of magazines spanning architecture, fashion, design and culture, as well as Selfridges’ recently launched Yellow Pages; a free 72-page zine with a distinct Selfridges point of view, exploring how to live big this season.

The Jil Sander Kiosk is inspired by the modernist design that is synonymous with Jil Sander stores, with a pure, geometric, and white aesthetic and the brand’s signature logo front and center. Alongside this there is a dedicated space on the ground floor Accessories Hall where customers can shop Jil Sander items.



Jil Sander is an international luxury brand led by design, quality and functionality.

Progressive and experimental, it delivers an enduring wardrobe for women and men fusing elements from different genres, in a play of contrast that produces a variety of garments and accessories that are evenly sumptuous, practical, and iconic.

In the work of Creative Directors, Lucie and Luke Meier, technology and the hand-made, natural and high-performance materials, feminine and masculine, daywear and glamour, complement each other, balancing invention and purity of forms.

The constant collaboration with artists, photographers, filmmakers, musicians, and artisans constantly adds resonance and depth to their vision.

The brand was established in 1968 by Mrs. Jil Sander, it is directed by Lucie and Luke Meier since 2017, and it was acquired by the OTB Fashion Group in 2021.


A Magazine, curated by Lucie and Luke Meier

A Magazine n° 21 has been curated by Creative Directors Lucie and Luke Meier. They have approached their ‘carte blanche’ project for A Magazine as a call for reflection and an open dialogue on the dualities of the one theme that is present in all of their work – HUMAN NATURE / MOTHER NATURE.


Los Angeles, by Chris Rhodes, was realized following the invitation of Creative Directors’ Lucie and Luke Meier to portray their Summer 2023 creations in the context of the city: the collection’s main inspiration. The book captures the essence of Los Angeles as a progressive and inspiring space. British photographer Chris Rhodes focuses on the characters, their movements, lights, and colors, merging fashion and environment. The images reflect the designers’ quest for balance, blending glamour and functionality, day and night, and traditional craftsmanship with innovative techniques. The result embodies the desire for freedom and represents different ways of living and thinking. 


Macro is the newest volume in the ongoing series Lucie and Luke Meier are creating in collaboration with artists and photographers. For this instalment they invited a long-standing collaborator, British image-maker Chris Rhodes, to capture their Fall Winter 2022 women and men’s collections in a series of still-life photographs. Macro is the testimony of a journey, of an idea that adds a different dimension to the purpose of Lucie and Luke Meier’s work, a suggestion on how design can be unconventionally perceived and displayed. 


Paris, by Chris Rhodes, was realized following the invitation of Creative Directors’ Lucie and Luke Meier to portray their Summer 2022 creations in the context of a city: the collection’s main inspiration. Every picture has a delicate balance and intimacy, offering a unique insight into the creative process and intentions behind Lucie and Luke Meier’s aesthetic. Paris is barely discernible: it is an allegory for all cities, a mood rather than a specific place, as a symbol of urbanity and our desire and need of being together and free

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