Cocktail Fridays • The Matcha Margarita, or the Matcha-rita if you will. Here is our unique twist on a classic that combines the sweet vanilla undertones of @drink818 Blanco with a twist of clean, green caffiene from @jenkimatcha.    You’ll need:  -40ml @drink818 Blanco tequila  -1/2 Teaspoon of @jenkimatcha ceremonial grade matcha powder  -20ml Orange liqueur  -20ml Fresh lime juice    Method: Whisk the matcha powder and tequila until combined. Add all the ingredients, along with ice, to a cocktail shaker. Shake, then strain into your glass. Serve with an optional mochi garnish and enjoy.    Tap the link in bio to shop 818 Tequila, and head to the #SelfridgesLondon Foodhall to source all the ingredients you’ll need for cocktail making this weekend.