Dirtea • During their 20s, brothers Simon and Andrew Salter were running a series of gstart-up businesses. “When we turned 30, we hit a chronic burnout, had insomnia, anxiety and were overworked"". Following a chance encounter with a tea master, the brothers were introduced to mushrooms as a form of natural energy and discovered more about the incredible health benefits of the four most researched medicinal mushrooms in the world. These include Chaga with its 3.5 million antioxidants (with one teaspoon the equivalent of eating 600 blueberries), which works wonders for the skin and immunity, to Lion’s Mane for its ability to benefit memory and focus. The rest is history. Tap the link to learn how @dirtea.world and other innovative plant-based businesses was born… https://selfridg.es/ojv


Meet Chevvy 👋 • For the next in our #PeopleofSelfridges series – where our unique community of customers are sharing their stories and style inspirations – we meet photographer Chevvy to talk about skateboarding and how his research is influencing the way he dresses. “Today the look I’m going for is skater-wear meets Regency. I think the way I dress reflects my inspirations at the moment. I’m looking at a lot of Regency-era-inspired artwork and I also have a skateboarding background, between the ages of 10 and 18 I was skating every day. “The best thing that I’m wearing today is this jumper that I got from the women’s section – like, ‘why wasn’t this in the men’s section?!’ I think in the future we’ll be wearing a lot of clothing that’s upcycled or recycled and more scientific bio-based clothing.” – Chevvy


Meet the Mamas • For the Mother’s Day special of our #PeopleofSelfridges series – where our unique community of customers will be sharing their stories and style inspirations – we’re celebrating motherhood in all its forms – from the dog mums to the mother figures and the soon-to-be mums. Scroll along to meet fashion blogger Pascale – mum of two children and a dog – to discuss her personal style, celebrating Mother’s Day with her family, and how she’ll be spoiling her own mother… “I would say my personal style is classic with a twist – trench coats and dresses, I used to be known as ‘the dress girl’. From what I’m wearing today the bag is the most special to me, it’s pre-loved and I bought it in Paris after a few glasses of champagne with my friend.” “This Mother’s Day we’ll be celebrating by going to Ascot on a family race day, and a few days later I’ll be taking my own mum to a spa, so we relax and spend time together. Now that my kids are a bit older, they’ve started making me coffee and breakfast in the morning on Mother’s Day, but you really can’t beat a homemade card!” – Pascale Banks


For the jewellery lovers • @missomalondon has collaborated with the Beijing born creative behind @savislook, to bring you Savi's collection (just landed at #Selfridges). The collection celebrates creativity and self-expression, each piece handcrafted from recycled 18ct gold vermeil and recycled sterling silver. Tap the link to shop, and layer up your timeless icons in true Savi style https://selfridg.es/8e5228 “Jewellery is part of an outfit for me, without jewellery it's incomplete. And architecture really inspires me as a long-lasting form of artistic expression. We've brought its three-dimensionality into the collection with sleek lines and full arcs. White, black and brown are timeless colours, which are in every aspect of my life: my flat, my outfits and now my jewellery.” -Savi, from @savislook


Dedicated to Federica “Kikka” Cavenati • We went backstage at @16arlington’s AW 22 show “Tears”, titled as such in tribute to the style and lasting legacy of one half of the brand who we still mourn. We’re grateful to have witnessed the last collection her talent graced, and in sadness, but also with hope, we remember her in this collection. She is everywhere in this work, her playful wit, boundless laughter, grace and generosity. Each piece purposefully attributed to one of her traits. And then, there was some new, as Marco moves forward - forever designing in Kikkas honour- but ready to surprise us along the way. We ask you to remember the power this community has, the clothes, and the people, and today we say; “get dressed, have fun, and hug someone you love”. 📸 @marc_henri_ngandu #LFW


The future of fashion • When Paco Rabanne debuted his namesake brand in 1966, he presented ‘Manifesto: 12 unwearable dresses in contemporary materials’. Now, as the brand prepares to enter a new era with its first digital collection of NFT garments, we spoke to @pacorabanne about why the fashion house has chosen to immortalise its archive pieces. “The 12 ‘Unwearable’ dresses are the starting point of the house’s history. Beyond the nod to the brand history and this first activation, there is a link with the immateriality of NFTs, too. What is ‘unwearable’ or ‘wearable’ today? What limits can we still push? The 12 NFT dresses are not the ones from the first ‘Manifesto’ show of Paco Rabanne. They are an ultra-radical, timeless selection from throughout the archives. It is also this link between the past, the present and the future that drives this project. The past serving the present and vice versa.” . Tap the link to learn more: https://selfridg.es/3mw


Meet Amy & Henry ❤️ • In celebration of love in all its forms, we’re dedicating the next in our People of Selfridges series – where our unique community of customers will be sharing their stories and style inspirations – to the couples, companions, and close-knit friends we’ve met along the way. Here we meet textiles student Amy, who would describe her boyfriend Henry as “dramatic, and imaginative, Henry and I met in sixth form, and I would say our relationship is quite chaotic. This Valentine’s Day we’ll be going to @sourappleldn’s prom-themed punk night at Oslo in Hackney.” “Henry dresses like Patrick Bateman, the main character in American Psycho and I would describe my sense of style as textured, impractical, and dishevelled. My outfit here is a classic result of me getting ready for work in a rush, but I’m wearing a scarf that was my grandma’s, so that’s really special to me.” “When looking for new pieces to add to my wardrobe, I look for interchangeable items that can be mismatched and thrown on in a rush. Although I set out with the intension of finding versatile pieces, I somehow always get attached to the most impractical silhouettes and fabrics.” – Amy (textiles student, Chelsea College of Arts)